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glossy stripe showing the value numeral and the euro symbol will appear. Retrieved b "ECB Monthly bulletin- August 2005 - THE euro banknotes: developments AND future challenges" (PDF). Gothic architecture (between the 13th and 14th century CE). 22 20 euro banknote under fluorescent light (UV-A) The twenty euro note is the third smallest euro note at 133 millimetres (5.2 in) 72 millimetres (2.8 in) with a blue colour scheme. Retrieved "Estonia to join euro zone in 2011". The aim is to record as many notes as possible to know details about its spread, like from where and to where they travel in general, follow it up, like where a ticket has been seen in particular, and generate statistics and rankings, for example. 28 A serial number. 20 The European Central Bank will, in due time, announce when banknotes from the first series lose legal tender status.

32 Perforations, 28 Hold the banknote against the light. 20 As of June 2012, current issues do not reflect the expansion of the European Union to 27 member states as Cyprus is not depicted on current notes as the map does not extend far enough east and Malta is also missing as it does. "The Euro: Banknotes: Design elements". 6 Until now there has been only one complete series of euro notes; however a new series, similar to the current one, is being released.

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Belgian franc and the, greek drachma. Archived from the original on 10 September 2012. Portrait Window : When the note is held against the light, the window in the hologram becomes transparent and reveals a portrait of Europa, which is visible on both sides of the note. The official date on which the national currencies ceased to be legal tender varied from member state to member state. Archived from the original on Retrieved b "ECB: Circulation". Slovenia joined the, eurozone in 2007, 14, cyprus and, malta in 2008,. Retrieved "ECB Statistical Data policy Banknotes and coins statistics ro banknotes.1 Quantities". Microprinting : Some areas of the banknote feature a series of tiny letters. 9, in August 2018, there were approximately 3,845,000,000 twenty euro banknotes in circulation around the eurozone.

neuken 20 euro

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