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196 Stephen, b July 12, 1752 ; 197 Isaac, b Aug. Atwell was called to the pastoral charge, and retained it two years. Being successful in business, from a small beginning he accumulated a large estate. The ancient records of Wallingford contain no allusion to the matter of public schools at an earlier date than 1678, eight years after the settlement of the village. At Yale, 1768, was a lawyer ; 29 Lucretia, b Aug. 16, 1783, to Nov. The place on which our city now stands was called "Pilgrim's Harbor in an Indian deed of 1664. Cook was at the battle of Bull Run, and was honorably discharged Aug. Abigail Paine; 14 Margery,.

20, 1772, killed by Indians at Wyoming,.; 168 Noah, b March 26, 1752, m Ruth Beach, was hotel keeper several years in Canada; 169 Deliverance, b Oct. 748 history OF wallingford. Waitstill parker, son of Joseph and Sarah Curtis Parker, married ist, Jemima Munson, 2d, Jemima Beach.

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Parallel to this is the lower street, also adorned with large and lofty elms ; in addition to these, the several cross streets render the walks and drives about the village extremely pleasant and attractive. They manu- factured their own garments, and the hand-card and spin- ning-wheel were in nearly every habitation. 10, 1708; 17 Abraham, b Sept. 412 history OF wall1ngford. IRA hull, son of Ebenezer and Patience Hull, died un- married at Cheshire in 1812, and by his will gave his real estate to his sister Amy, she paying the legacies named therein. John hall, son of John and Mary Lyman Hall, married Mary Street, March 5, 1716. 29, 1756, m Moses Bartholomew, of Goshen, Conn.

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